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Posted on 17 January 2019


“The essential appeal of tea is the life-affirming, faffing-about ritual of making it.”



Who does not love a cup of tea, which herbal essence has the magical power to fill the whole room with the smell of natural remedies. I particularly connect the idea of a cup of tea with my evenings, when the day has been long and outside the cold breeze is whistling, painting goosebumps on my skin. When I feel like I have done enough for the day and deserve to put on my cozy home outfit, long socks, get a nice movie sorted and along with all of that a bit of herbal sweetness, warming up my heart, conjuring a smile on my face. I like to refer to it as healing herbs!



Ayurveda Becoming an Inspiration to Herbal Tea Magic



Ayurveda, the ‘knowledge of life’, is an Indian holistic philosophy from back in the ancient times illustrating how to live a healthy life by keeping your mind, body and spirit in harmony. Being practised in all the corners of India for over 3000 years, it has been noted down into the history as one of the world’s most powerful mind-body-spirit health systems.



Pukka Herbs - Healthy Spices - Turmeric/Curcuma & Ginger - Healthy Tea - Health Benefits of Tea - Ayurvedic Herbs



But how does it work? Well, at the very core of this philosophy is YOU - the one and only individual together with your exceptional mental, physical and spiritual characteristics, also known as ‘dosha’. When taking your dominant ‘dosha(s)’, Ayurveda allows you to look deeper into the insights of which foods, herbs and lifestyle activities can enrich the quality of your life, and as well which ones cannot. This way you get the opportunity to understand yourself better, while empowering your decision-making process in order to protect your mental balance, physical health and spiritual wellbeing. People who follow the philosophy of Ayurveda pay very special attention on what they eat: For example, so called "Sattvic meals" are meals that avoid processed food or ingredients prepared using chemicals.

Ayurveda has a close connection with yoga and meditation, as all three relieve stress and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda is wisdom, universal language and a way of living wisely that can be easily adopted into your lives at any stage no matter the time, place or surroundings.


Ayurveda in a Cup of Tea


“Our planet is our home. From being Fair for Life certified, sourcing organic ingredients to reducing our carbon footprint, we believe a healthy world means a healthy you.”



Pukka Herbs Ayurveda Indian Lifestyle




And here comes Pukka Herbs into the story of Ayurveda. Pukka Herbs is a conscious brand and certified BCorp that focuses on sharing their love and wisdom through delicious organic teas and food supplements. These products, diverse types of tea made of ayurvedic herbs, are a wonderful combination of the nature’s finest ethically sourced herbal plants and the great wisdom of Pukka’s herbsmith Sebastian Pole.



Pukka Herbs and their Health Benefits



It is well known that herbal plants possess magical powers, which can heal one’s body and mind. Such powers are greatly beneficial and therefore transformed into consumables in diverse ways. One of the most ‘taste buds pleasuring’ ways is turning such natural herbs into a delicious cup of herbal tea. The benefits of tea are immense, however, nowadays as of the increased commercial demand for such natural herbs, many of the wild species have become endangered.

When it comes to Ayurvedic herbs, used for medical purposes, they require more time to regenerate and become mature. Since this process takes a while and as the demand is growing it causes extreme exhaustion to the plant populations, leaving them incapable of replenishing themselves.

As of the endangered herbal plants population, Pukka Herbs decided to take their faith into their own hands by creating an organic tea brand, where all the tea is made of natural herbs only, masterfully blended to bring every tea lover the goodness of Mother Nature in a single cup of tea. There are many different types of tea, which have diverse beneficial effects on your mind, body and soul, and Pukka brings to life all of them.



Pukka Herbs India




So if you wonder; is tea good for you? The answer is yes! There is no need to question such thing as healthy tea. All the benefits of Pukka’s Ayurvedic herbs will enrich your life and bring in (inner) peace, happiness and possibly some good company, where you can just sit down at the end of the day and close your eyes while enjoying the healing herbs flowing through your body!


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