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Bundle up, ladies, winter is here! As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, our wool accessories will help keep you snug and toasty all season long. Hand-knitted by a small community of female artisans in the Ecuadorian Andes, we are proud to present a collection that will keep you fashionable and stylish, without compromising on comfort and warmth. Our wool accessories are made of the highest quality alpaca or sheep wool, making them a staple of winter fashion. From the beanie to the headband to the wool sweater, with fingerless gloves and high socks, we have selected your winter essentials with love and care. As products of ethical fashion designed to complement all your winter fashion choices, these winter accessories will be at the heart of every outfit in your wardrobe. A hand-knit beanie is an absolute must this season!

What's more, our selection is versatile and tailored to your needs. Our beanie, available in three different colours, is both effortless and cosy, a must-have in any girl's closet. Our headband is intricate and well-crafted, and won't mess up your hair. Our fingerless gloves will keep you both warm and mobile, for you to text to your heart's content. Our wool sweater and high socks capture your natural body heat and preserve it all day long. If you want to enjoy the cold winter months in style, go no further, our hand-knit beanie may be the perfect addition to your closet. Handmade, high-quality and stylish, what's not to love?

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