Travelling has always inspired designers, writers and painters. The novelty of reaching a new place, of getting to know new cultures and people is something that artists and creators passionately bring into their work and ABURY was not the first to feel this urge to bring different cultures into design. Yves Saint Laurent, also passionate for Marrakesh, and Vivienne Westwood, who works nowadays with a Kenyan community, are examples of this.
Every collection you find here is inspired by a fascinating culture and its people.

Hours of education
have been given back to the ABURY communities.


To pay fair salaries is a start, but not enough!
Every time you buy an ABURY product,
you are transforming its hours of production in hours of Education
to the Communities where the product was made.

Learn more about the ABURY Foundation and our projects
for social development in the ABURY communities.


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