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Posted on 14 December 2018

Upcycling is a big trend right now. It goes beyond mere recycling – the materials, be it wood, glass, metal or leather are reused to create something new and precious.


The Upcycling Trend 

You can practice upcycling on your own or with friends. Upcycling fashion is a thing for example: Sewing a blanket out of old clothes or making a handbag out of denim and this way prolonging the life of your favourite jeans – there are tons of possibilities to engage in an upcycling DIY project!

Upcycling Leather

A company who has perfected their recycling and upcycling fashion game, is Better World Fashion. The Danish team’s mission is to create a full circle in terms of recycling: They recycle old leather pieces and put them together to new, beautiful leather jackets, practical leather traveller bags and cute leather backpacks. You can even send your old leather jackets back to them and they will reuse them and turn them into different sustainable leather products.

Upcycling Better World Fashion Brand


Recycling For Pros

The unique jackets of recycled leather are produced by a Polish family company with more than ten years of experience in fashion. They really are geniuses on the sewing machine. The different leather pieces are sewn together so the recycled leather jackets get a patchwork design – often with special applications like two white stripes on one sleeve, one coloured or stepped patch on the shoulder or the back part. These jackets are truly one of a kind and recycled fashion at its best.

Better World Fashion Brand

Better World Fashion Brand Upcycling Leather

Better World Fashion could have stopped right there with the recycled leather. Reducing environmental impact and helping to minimise the production of new leather products.

But that wasn’t enough for them: the whole product is recycled: from buttons and zippers to the inner lining, which is made of recycled plastic bottles. Who would have thought, recycled fashion can look so stunningly good? And: as all the materials are products of recycling, the leather jackets or leather bags have no negative environmental impact! They use zero water, zero chemicals and create zero waste. Compared to the industry standard, one sustainable leather jacket produces only one kilogram of CO2 due to transport emissions.

Better World Upcycling


Reducing Environmental Impact 

A new approach to clothing and especially owning clothing is Better World Fashion’s concept of leasing a jacket. For a small monthly fee, you can lease one of their recycled leather jackets. We buy so many products that we use so little, so many clothes that we wear three or for times until they disappear in our wardrobe. This is not sustainable. And it seduces us to buy more, simply because we forget what we already have! So, you can lease a leather jacket, wear it for one season and send it back, or maybe fall completely in love with it! After 24 months of leasing, the jacket is yours forever. Surely, you will appreciate it more that way.

Better World Upcycling

However, leather is an animal product. You are, harshly speaking, wearing a dead cow as a jacket. So, once an animal died for our clothes, we should try to keep the piece of clothing alive as long as we can. By wearing it, sharing it, by reusing and recycling it, we can reduce the environmental impact. Better World Fashion and their amazing idea helps us to make the world a better and more sustainable place.


© All photos via Better World Fashion


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