Berber Leather Bags Collection

Leather Berber Bags Collection

Handmade in the Atlas Mountains, the Moroccan Berber Bag is a statement every-day piece that will surprise you with its versatility and comfort. Historically worn by men of the Berber Tribe in Morocco, Berber Bags have been revamped and modernised by ABURY. The origins and roots have stood the test of time, but the design and colours of the Moroccan Leather Bags have been adapted to the 21st century, to your delight and ours. The embroidery is immaculate, made from the most delectable cactus silk. Vibrant tones, modern design, and gorgeous stitching are the trademarks of the Berber Bag, as seen by ABURY. What's more, the Moroccan Berber Bag is a product of ethical fashion and fair trade, hand-sewn by local artisans with the most exquisite goat leather in the land.

More than beauty, these Berber Bags have a lot of love to give. They will last forever and never lose their mesmerising pigment. Each component is sourced locally and moulded expertly by members of the local community to provide you with a flawless Berber Leather Bag, a testament to Moroccan culture. Fear not, you can purchase these Moroccan bags online without breaking the bank!

Wear it with pride; it will never let you down. Create your own legacy: It is the type of bag you can give your daughter and her daughter after her. The Berber Bag is yours to own, to cherish and to hold, for generations to come. Worn as a cross-body bag or an over-the-shoulder bag, the Berber Leather Bag is a gorgeous piece of leather and the perfect companion from night to day. If you are looking to purchase well-made and modern Moroccan bags online, go no further!

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