Helping girls to help themselves: The ABURY Teenage Girls Club

Posted on 01 March 2023

We believe that empowering girls will help them to become strong women who can pass on that strength to their families, their communities and their nation. That's why we founded the ABURY Teenage Girls Club in Douar Anzal and neighbouring villages. We empower girls between the ages of 13 and 17 with an initiative that encourages them to take action, develop self-confidence, and become a strong voice for inclusion, equality, and democracy.


How does it work?

In the next three years, we will build up a training system with the idea that it can be continued afterwards by local women and girls independently.

In the first step, two women from the village will be trained as coaches to pass on the learning program. At the end of the training, each one of them receives a box of learning materials to pass on their knowledge. Following the empowerment program, the trained women then lead 20 girls through the learning program in 25 lessons of one hour each. For these efforts they receive an allowance.

Helping girls to help themselves

Every six months, a new group of 20 girls starts the learning program. After graduation, the girls can continue to exchange ideas once a week in a protected space; their instructors remain their mentors. Some girls can then in turn be trained as coaches themselves, and thus the help for self-help becomes a cycle system, which can also be established in other villages.

We are working on the project together with the established Moroccan foundation "Project Soar", which has already trained many women as coaches.

How you can support the project

Women's Day is coming up and we want to use the occasion to support every woman in her beauty and individuality: With our Women's Day Charity Shawl.

By purchasing one of the limited edition shawls for Women's Day by Codello and the ABURY Foundation, you can support the initiative as 20% of the profit is donated to it. Here you can find more information and an option to purchase it.

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