About the FABtalks


FABtalks are the first talk-series that bring together fresh fashion talks in an inspiring artistic environment with business networking. The FABtalks bring together start-ups, established players from the fashion industry, bloggers, press and multiplicators of the respective city the talks are hosted in. The goal is to create an exchange platform for the design- and fashion scene, that gathers in a relaxed environment, make connections and finally generate change together. The FABtalks were started in Berlin in 2015 and have expanded nationwide since - in the next years the series will also expand further within Europe. Do you also want to bring the FABtalks to your city? Get in touch - fabtalks@abury.net.


We have established a new format for the FABtalks. Two to three experts are presenting their perspective towards a certain topic in a short (max. 10 minutes) talk. After that the speakers and audience discuss about the theme. In order to keep the discussion vivid we invite no more than 50 participants to the FABtalks. The program is usually introduced with artistic input - this can be an exclusive tour through an exhibition, a reading, a music act - new and inspiring every time. Thanks to our partners the participation is for free.

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