Our Berber Collection is inspired by the traditional handmade Berber Bags with their unique embroidered ornaments telling ancient stories.

The Moroccan Berber Bags are handmade and ethically made in Marrakech. The craftsmen's ancient knowledge and their skilled handwork is combined with modern design, bright colours and hand embroidery. 

Made of genuine goat leather and embroidered with sabra silk coming from the agave plant, the Moroccan Leather Bag is a fusion between modern usefulness and traditional beauty. 

The Leather Berber Shoulder Bag is perfect to use during the day as a cool cross-body bag while the Mini Leather Berber Bag is a lighter alternative and makes your evening look more exciting. The embroidered Berber Clutch Purse accompanies you to a gala event and holds all your essentials. The leather pouches and coin wallets are available in different colours and let you store important documents or your small change. The original vintage berber bags are sourced from remote villages in Morocco, creating authentic and timeless luxury. 

Hours of education
have been given back to the ABURY communities.


To pay fair salaries is a start, but not enough!
Every time you buy an ABURY product,
you are transforming its hours of production in hours of Education
to the Communities where the product was made.

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