My ABURY Look: Blogger Mia from Hey Lila Hey

Posted on 24 October 2018

As we are hiding more and more behind oversized cozy jumpers and wool beanies here on the northern hemisphere, we will take a little time to reminisce about this year's summer. Everybody loves a good old talk about the weather, don't they... The sun did not only allow for extra long after-work drinks in the open and happy faces all around - summer also allowed for a fantastic range of light and floaty outfits. We'll show you a few of those today to make you already think about warmer days and take some inspiration how to bring some playfulness into your autumn wardrobe.
Our latest photo shooting took place with blogger Mia Marjanović from Hey Lila Hey. For us to work together with Mia is not far to seek as she is one of the pioneers amongst fashion bloggers in terms of slow fashion! Before Mia changed her blogger path into the slow fashion direction, she was just doing what a lot of others did yet started to feel an urge to change something about it: "After a while I did not feel comfortable with the typical blogger cliche: shopping at Zara all the time and showing new clothing everyday and celebrating consumerism unconsciously."
Since then Mia is using her status as a blogger and influencer to encourage and inspire people to live a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly and ethically sustainable. And that is also reflected in Mia's wardrobe. After selecting her favourite ABURY fashion accessories, she created four beautiful fair fashion outfits which I no longer wanna keep from you:



Mia's First ABURY Look: Pom Pom Pow

We shot Mia's ABURY looks in her beautiful cozy apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg. Mia's conscious lifestyle, her connection to nature, and her passion for the world and travelling in it is also visible in her own four walls: no knick-knacks, some tasteful decoration from far destinations on the wall, and many many plants!


Hey LiLa Hey Taste of Trends


For her first look, Mia combined the vintage bag "Nur" with our colourful pompom scarf from Morocco and a red tagua bracelet. Handmade and fair trade from head to toe, yay!



Mia's Second ABURY Look: Vintage meets Kimono


Although Mia follows a vegan diet and avoids leather products in fashion, our vintage bags stole Mia's heart and managed to get an exception. Result is this beautiful second outfit, that combines a casual boho style with the elegance of a red kimono.


Hey Lila Hey Taste of a trend


Hey Lila Hey Red Kimono



Mia chose a playful vintage Berber Bag embroidered with beads and coins as the center of her look and combined it with a white tagua bracelet on one arm and two horn bracelets on the other.



Hey Lila hey


Mia's Third ABURY Look: Curls and Pearls


All good things come in threes. Which is why another vintage bag made it into the final selection - this time to complement a casual-chic office look. Straight lines and geometrical shapes find contrast to Mia's wild curls and the embroidered Berber ornaments. Loving the fusion of patterns!


Hey Lila Hey Berber bag

Hey Lila Hey Taste of trends


The vintage bag Thamina is accompanied by some of our beaded jewellery from Tanzania, which is handmade by local Masaai women. Mia combined the wide warrior bracelet and a grey beaded ring with her outfit.



Mia's Fourth ABURY Look: Just Bead it


Let's continue with the beads! For her last ABURY look Mia chose a summer beach look a la St. Tropez, and combined three items from our beaded jewellery collection: The wide orange warrior bracelet on the right, a colourful tassel bracelet on the left, and a grey beaded ring.


Hey Lila Hey Taste of Trends



Mia's intention with her blog Hey Lila Hey is to inspire people with the idea that a healthy, environmentally friendly and fair fashion lifestyle can be chic, affordable and easy to accomplish. With her four late summer looks and the selection of clothes and fashion accessories she proves a point, doesn't she. We obviously love each combination, but which outfit is your favourite?


hey lila hey taste of trends

© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave



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