My ABURY Look: Blogger Frieda Hintze from Louise et Hélène

Posted on 24 August 2018

The first time I met Frieda was in a café in Berlin Mitte. I already fell a little bit in love with her when she wrote me shortly before our meeting "Don't be alarmed - coming in my sportswear!" Frieda is not only one of the most down-to-earth bloggers I have met, but she has an incredible sense of sarcasm and humour which makes every minute spent with her a happy minute. As a social and sustainable brand we are probably a little more selective in which bloggers we work with than other brands - but when I met Frieda and her wonderful self-irony I knew - it's a match!

On her blogazine Louise et Hélène Frieda writes about lifestyle, fashion and beauty with a particular focus on things that are unique, exciting and a little off mainstream. Her stories are presented in a sophisticated yet witty style - with lots of transparency and realness and no camouflaged advertising. And that's how Frieda and ABURY developed a mutual love! :)

For her ABURY photo shooting, Frieda selected her favourite ABURY accessories and combined them with four outfits of her choice: From casual to elegant to dreamy to boho - check out her wardrobe essentials:


First ABURY Look: Casual


Our photographer Suzy and I visited Frieda in her beautiful apartment in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. For her first look Frieda combined a casual jeans and white blouse with striking colour splashes: Our pink babouches with green tassel, which matched with the pink and green tagua bracelets.


abury look Frieda Hintze


To integrate another eye-catcher, Frieda added the blue patterned Berber Bag. I cannot really decide between casual-chic-cheeky-charming, guess it's all in one!


Blogger abury look



Second ABURY Look: Elegant


From cheeky to chic: For the second look Frieda combined an elegant petrol blue evening dress with handmade beads accessories from ABURY: Our colourful Atlantic clutch, and a black and gold beaded ring with matching earrings. I personally love the set of the first two photos: Sophisticated and fierce, yet then again not taking herself too seriously!


My ABURY Look: Frieda

My ABURY Look: Frieda

My ABURY Look: Freida



Third ABURY Look: Dreamy


A reindeer scarf cannot only be worn around Christmas and it cannot only be worn around your neck or shoulders either! Frieda's third look is dreamy and sweet, and ideal for late summer.


My ABURY Look: Frieda

My ABURY Look: Frieda


Once again Frieda is wearing two tagua bracelets in green and pink, combining them with a handwoven cocccon scarf and our leather babouches.


My ABURY Look: Frieda


Fourth ABURY Look: Boho


Last but not least: Boho-chic and flowerpower! For a casual stroll through the streets of Prenzlauer Berg Frieda from Louise et Hélène selected the ABURY backpack in black and two horn bracelets handmade in Kenya to spice up her long flower dress.



My ABURY Look: Frieda

My ABURY Look: Frieda


© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY


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