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Posted on 25 December 2016

When thinking about Indian music, I surely wouldn't immediately think of Indian Indie music. My associations with India when it comes to melodies, lyrics and dance: Bollywood, that's all. What a pity, I realise now, as there is so much more. India is a huge country with some incredible music talents. However, most of them simply haven't made the step into the international music scene.

I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of Bollywood. That's why it was great realising very quickly that there is other Indian music than Bollywood. Listening to different artist I came to the conclusion that Indian Indie Music is quite a thing. In fact, some of these artists are worth listening to in any part of the world!

From indie rock to indie pop to funky disco and electronic influences, the following music mix will have you jump up and dance once more around the Christmas tree. I am a fan of fusion music, and that is exactly what this playlist is: A fusion of indie sub-genres. Some bands, such as The F16s from Chennai, add the indie rock spice to the pot. Other singers such as Clown with a Frown from Bangalore bring funk into the mix.

While these bands sing in English and are more difficult to identify as having Indian roots in their music, other artists such as Ankur Tewari & The Ghalat Family spice up their pop rock with Hindi lyrics. Maati Baani create some incredible Hindi music, too, that will certainly make you move your body parts. Here, we also encounter some French influence. Nicholson also uses French lyrics, while The F16s give German titles to some of their songs and albums. You see, my selected mix is a fusion of genres, but also a fusion of cultural influences, whether it's lyrics or instruments.

If you need a moment to escape the Christmas madness, don't hesitate. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and surround yourself with the best of Indian Indie Music:


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