Bags for Urban Nomads: The Story of the Free People Collection

Posted on 11 October 2016


It feels like most of us are always on the go...


The Free People Collection started with a simple finding... We are woken up by an early alarm clock, we grab a quick coffee to get started, we spend a day at work, might rush from one meeting to the next, we burn off energy at the gym, we catch up with our friends at night and we finish the day.

Having lived and studied in the middle of the Berlin city buzz for a period of time, Mayta Lara Leal gained inspiration from this typical modern city routine. As well as that Mayta was influenced by her travels and her time spent with Moroccan nomadic Berber tribes. She concluded that in the end all of us are urban nomads that need a bag that is not just an accessory but that is a statement for personal freedom.

As one of ABURY’s designers Mayta Lara Leal spent two months in Morocco creating the Free People Collection working with local artisans in the Atlas mountains. The result were a variety of bags including shopper bags, backpacks and messenger bags, all combining the features of elegance and practical design - to be carried around in the lively city as well as on the move, on business trips or weekend getaways.

Here you can catch a glimpse at the story hidden behind the seams of this collection and Mayta's ideas about the design, the materials and the production:

Abury from on Vimeo.


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