Behind the Seams: ABURY Free People Leather Shopper Bag

Posted on 24 August 2017

The Leather Shopper Bag of the Free People Collection is the masterpiece of the collection and has been part of the ABURY assortment for many years as a sound friend. It was designed by Mayta Lara Leal, a Brazilian designer who lived in Berlin and studied at the fashion school ESMOD - where she finalised her degree with the creation of the first Free People Collection pieces. For two months Mayta lived and worked with nomadic Berber tribes in and around Marrakech in Morocco, where the first prototypes of the collection came to life in collaboration with ABURY. Her love and curiosity drew her back into the country, which is why the design and production process continued after her masters, when she lived in Marrakech for another year while working for ABURY as a designer.

The collection is entirely handmade by local artisans in Marrakech. As with all ABURY products, fair trade and ethical production are first priority. Locally sourced materials such as goat leather are representative of the Moroccan culture. What makes this collection and the shopper in particular very special is the combination of practical design and elegance. The large compartment offers space for all your belongings, which is why the leather shopper bag is a popular item for weekend travellers. It even features an attachment for a trolley and an easy access front pouch to keep travel documents in place.

We have zoomed in on the leather shopper bag and created a profile to see all the details in one. And if you are intrigued with the ideas behind the design, sneak behind the seams and listen to Mayta's visions.



Name of Product: Leather Shopper Bag
Collection: Free People Collection
Colour: red
Size: one size 42 cm x 36 cm x 14 cm

ABURY Red Leather Shopper Bag of the Free People Collection





Main Material: Goat leather
Material Composition: 100% goat leather
Origin of Material: Marrakech, Morocco
Leather tanning process: Vegetable tanned
Dye ingredients: 100% natural pigments
Origin of dye ingredients: Marrakech, Morocco





Place of design: Marrakech, Morocco
Year of design2013/2014
Duration of design: 2 months
Name of designer: Mayta Lara Leal

Place of production: Marrakech, Morocco
Duration of production: 18 hours
Number of artisans involved in production: 2
Names of artisans involved in production: Monsieur Aziz
Tools used in production:
Standard leather craft tools:
Scissors, knives, hole punches & mallets
Sewing machine
Traditional needle

Model wearing ABURY red leather shopper bag

© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

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