11 Places Every Traveler Should Visit in Morocco in 2019

Posted on 15 February 2019


Also referred to as the ‘Gateway to Africa’, Morocco is a country that never fails to allure its visitors with its dizzying diversity and varying landscape. This North-African country is a unique mix of different traditions, religions and cultures that have shaped its history over the years. From the serene waters of the Mediterranean to the fascinating Atlas Mountains, Morocco has plenty in store to leave you in awe and wonderment! 

With plenty to explore and things to do in Morocco, it is certainly on the wish-list of the majority of travellers for their 2019 travel itinerary. So, here’s a look at the 11 places to visit in Morocco this year, and treasure those memories forever. 


1. Ouarzazate



Ouarzazate Morocco
©  Photo via pixabay.com 

Located to the south of the Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate is the place from where you head off to the mystic Sahara Desert. Your Morocco holidays would remain incomplete without a visit to this dusty, small desert city. The fortified palace of Taourirt Kasbah built during the 19th century is a marvel in itself and offer stunning views of the red landscape. The day trip to Ait Benhaddou is also a major highlight of visiting Ouarzazate. 


2. Marrakech



Marrakech Morocco
©  Photo via pixabay.com 


Among the 4 Imperial Cities of Morocco, Marrakech is a hectic and busy city that is always bustling with activity. From narrow alleys to shops of jewellery and pottery to labyrinthine medinas, the city perfectly conjures up the image of an ancient medieval city straight from the pages of the book, ‘The Arabian Nights’. Steaming food stalls line-up the main square during the evenings where you can enjoy some traditional Moroccan Couscous, Moroccan Tajine and more.  



3. Mirleft



Mirleft Morocco
©  Photo via Flickr


If you love the sun, sea and sand then Mirleft is surely the place you are looking for. Though, not as crowded as some of the best beaches in Morocco, Mirleft is the preferred choice for those who seek some solace away from the hustle bustle. An ideal destination for surfers, Mirleft is a paradise on earth with beautiful beaches, cozy cafes and pristine hills. There’s also a campsite if you wish to take your motorhome or caravan.



4. Agadir



Agadir Morocco
©  Photo via unsplash.com


When it comes to some of the most renowned places to visit in Morocco, it would be unfair not mention Agadir, an old port city.  This is another beach destination where you can relax at a seaside resort and savor on the magnificent views. The chilled out vibe of the place makes it a favorite among travelers and locals alike. Satiate your taste buds with some local delectable cuisine and explore the city on foot. 



5. Massa



Massa Morocco
©  Photo by Vincent van Zeijst [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons 


Though this is an off-beat location but, if you are planning 10 days in Morocco just to explore its hidden jewels, Massa shouldn’t be left out. It is a small town with picturesque landscapes that make it a delight for nature lovers. Visit the Souss-Massa National Park if you are a bird lover or ride on the back of a camel and experience something new. 



6. Casablanca



©  Photo via unsplash.com


Casablanca has undergone a huge transformation over the years and it is no more the idyllic city it was portrayed in the 1942 romantic movie. It is now one of the major economic hubs of the country. However, the old charm is still present in the city’s old downtown. Talk a walk along the alleys and adore the ornate Moorish architecture that embraces this part of the city. Visit the Morocco Mall and engage in some eagerly awaited shopping spree.  



7. Imlil



Imlil Morocco
©  Photo via unsplash.com


Tucked away in the Atlas Mountains, Imlil happens to be a small village with beauty and serenity all around. Thinking about the best possible ways to spend around 10 days in Morocco? Just head to Imlil and relax on a rooftop with a cup of fresh mint tea. The village is also famous for traditional Moroccan dresses, headscarves and jewelry. Do some souvenir shopping or climb to Toubkal, the highest mountain peak in North Africa. 


8. Rabat



Rabat Morocco
©  Photo via pixabay.com


Rabat, the capital of Morocco is a charming city located just along Bouregreg River’s shore. The city is famous for its Islamic architecture as well as its French past. Certainly, among the best places to visit in Morocco, Rabat is an apt choice for a quiet sojourn. From its central beach to evocative Kasbah to walled Medina, Rabat will surely mesmerize you in all possible ways and you’ll wish coming back here once again.



9. Chefchaouen



Chefchaouen Morocco
©  Photo via unsplash.com 


Red-tiled roofs, blue-washed buildings, narrow lanes and breathtaking mountains on all sides, are what sums up the little town of Chefchaouen. A visit to this captivating old town is an opportune moment for shutterbugs as well as adventurous souls. The nearby mountains provide plenty of opportunities to put your hiking and trekking skills to test. Don’t forget to visit the ancient Kasbahs if you are fascinated about history. 



10. Tinghir



 Tinghir Morocco©  Photo via pixabay.com


The impressive setting of this town between the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains is one of its major draws.  Once a French town, it is now a place that boasts magnificent Kasbahs, lovely narrow streets and blooming flower gardens. The Glaoui Palace built during the 18th century overlooks the town and a look at the surrounding areas from the top will surely leave you speechless.



11. Essaouira 



Essaouira Morocco
©  Photo via pixabay.com 


Essaouira is another beach town that has a European vibe attached to it. Though summer is not the best time to visit Morocco but if you want to enjoy water-sports then summer is definitely the time. The sandy beaches, old city walls and the harbour are witness to the colourful history of this coastal city that was once under the French rule. 

Now that you know where you need to head to, here’s a list of some of the things you should not miss.



"Must" Things to Do in Morocco



Take a Tour of the Medinas


Whether you have 10 days in Morocco or you are there only for only a couple of days, do visit a Medina to explore the iconic markets. You’ll find all sorts of memorabilia which you can take back home for your near and dear ones.


Explore the Berber Culture


The nomadic Berbers are the original inhabitants of this land. Spending a day or two with the Berber people is one of the most interesting and exciting things to do in Morocco. Respect their traditions and customs and gift yourself a unique experience. 


Ride a Camel


If you have always wanted to ride camels through the desert then, this would be your opportunity. Hop on the back of a camel and gear yourself up for a bumpy ride ahead. 


Shop till You Drop


Your Morocco holidays remain incomplete if you don’t go shopping in the colorful markets of the Medinas. From carpets and blankets to spices to black ceramics and more, the markets are full of amazing items. Visit Talioine if you wish to buy spices or go to Fez where you’ll get quality leather items. 


Go to a Mosque


Majority of Morocco’s population is Muslim. And you’ll witness plenty of mosques all over the country. Visit one and experience the peaceful ambiance. Don’t forget to visit the world’s 3rd largest mosque, Hassan II which is located in Casablanca.


Best Time to Visit Morocco


Summer is definitely not the best time to visit Morocco as the heat can be notorious. While planning for your Morocco holidays, it is always recommended to opt for the winter season.

If you would love some ice-ball fights and winter-snow adventure activities, visit Morocco during the month of December or January.

However, for hiking in the mountains, the best time to visit Morocco is during the summer. For surfing aficionados, October to April happens to the best time to travel to Morocco.


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