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Thin Beaded Ring with Glass Beads in Grey, Gold




Thin Beaded Ring with Glass Beads in Grey, Gold
by Sidai Designs

The Thin Beaded Ring with Glass Beads in Grey and Gold is no ordinary ring. This flexible unique ring uses a weaving technique new to the Maasai women and flatter glass beads that allow the ring to sit elegantly against the skin. Handmade jewellery always has a story: The story of these unique rings is a story of women empowerment, of brave maasai women, of traditional beadwork and no fear to combine old and new, to add fresh thought and designs to something Tried and True to make it better. Be fearless and empowered with this unique ring!

100% handmade in Tanzania
100% fair trade
Materials: glass beads
Colours: grey, gold
Size: S/M (fits sizes 5/6, inner diameter 16 mm); M/L (fits sizes 7/8, inner diameter 18 mm)
Sustainability factors: Sidai Designs stands for women empowerment, education, preserving traditions, and fair wages.


ABURY re-invests 50% of their profits in social projects such as education through the ABURY Foundation. 

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