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Organic Tagua Jewelry

Tagua Raindrop Bracelet - Azul Blue

Tagua Raindrop Bracelet - Azul Blue




- Tagua Raindrop Bracelet - Azul Blue -
by Organic Tagua Jewelry


The Azul Blue Organic Tagua Bracelet mimics the enchantment of falling rain drops. This beautiful bracelet is handmade in Ecuador featuring a high quality elastic band comfortably fitting all types of wrists.

- Handmade in Ecuador
- 100% Tagua
- Fits any size wrist
- Uses Organic vegetable dyes

Sustainability Factor:
- locally sourced materials
- traditional craft preservation by incorporating centuries old craft in new and modern ways
- job creation and artisan empowerment by ensuring that the artisan remains a key collaborator in the design process
- All left over Tagua material is used to feed livestock in the village where the jewelry is produced
- Preservation of the Amazon Rainforest

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