• Silver Lovebirds Clutch Bag
  • Silver Lovebirds Clutch Bag
  • Silver Lovebirds Clutch Bag


Silver Lovebirds Clutch Bag

Silver Lovebirds Clutch Bag by ABURY Collection




- Silver Leather Clutch Bag Lovebirds - 

The Silver Leather Clutch Bag Lovebirds will top your outfit with tradition, elegance and a romantic yet cool flair. The tender embroidery and the two metal inlays merge to a compelling combination. Hand-embroidered with love for detail, this clutch bag shines with two lovebirds, atop a winding, intertwined flower chain, looking at each other with their eyes locked. They sit upon a four-leaved clover representing the fortune that should guard their shared future. Between them is a crowned heart; “Love is king and queen“! On the back side there are friends, also in form of birds, all of which bringing flowers and congratulating the couple. 

- Handmade in Morocco
- Design: Daniela Francescini and Mayta Lara Leal
- 100% handmade
- 25 cm x 15 cm
- Silver goat leather
- Silver cactus silk embroidery
- 2 metal inlays


20 hours of passionate work by skilled artisan hands make this Silver Leather Clutch Bag Lovebirds uniquely yours. We give this time back in hours of education to the local community. Learn more about the ABURY Foundation work. 

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