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En Inde

Jute Necklace by En Inde - Blue

Jute Necklace by En Inde - Blue




- Jute Necklace by En Inde - Blue -

Jute, a natural fiber of the Ganges delta, recalls muscle fiber. This particular jute is a result of the retting process – the loosening of its fiber from the stalks. Its wild nature is tamed by winding refined jute with steel.  The Jute Blue Necklace is a great addition to your outfit full of energy.

- Handmade in India
- Made from Jute fiber

Sustainable Factors

Crafted to address continual and evolving ideas of structure, environment and society. Evoking a sense of talismanic urban armor, its jewelry and products honor the balance between fragility, strength and resilience; created by the unyielding strength of steel and organic material.

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