• Handmade Amazon Tagua Bracelet in Black Grain

Organic Tagua Jewelry

Handmade Amazon Tagua Bracelet in Black Grain

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Handmade Amazon Tagua Bracelet in Black Grain
by Organic Tagua Jewelry

The Handmade Amazon Tagua Bracelet in Black Grain is a fun bracelet with a very special design. Locally sourced from Ecuadorian palm trees, the tagua nut makes a wonderful material for organic bracelets. Since every handmade bracelet is made with organic materials and natural dyes, they may vary slightly in colour or have little spots on them. But these irregularities make the tagua bracelets even more precious and unique! The black grain tagua bracelet fits every outfit: it can be elegant or rocky, stand alone or be combined with other fair trade jewellery pieces. This black beauty is a quite special piece of fair trade jewellery. Organic Tagua Jewelry is a very sustainable brand: All left over Tagua material is used to feed livestock in the village where the jewelry is produced, and one of the brand's biggest goals is the preservation of the amazon rainforest.

100% handmade in Ecuador
100% fair trade
Materials: tagua nut
Colours: black grain
Size: one size
Features: organic vegetable dyes, high quality elastic band fitting all types of wrists

ABURY re-invests 50% of their profits in social projects such as education through the ABURY Foundation. 


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