• Upcycled Cocktail Bag in Lavender with Bronze Lining
  • Upcycled Cocktail Bag in Lavender with Bronze Lining
  • Upcycled Cocktail Bag in Lavender with Bronze Lining

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Upcycled Cocktail Bag in Lavender with Bronze Lining

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Upcycled Cocktail Bag in Lavender with Bronze Lining
by Fugeelah X Khoon Hooi


This unique Cocktail Bag out of the finest silk is the latest find of our ABURY researchers! A limited edition out of luxury waste! A unique collaboration of the women cooperative Fugeelah and the high end fashion designer Khoon Hooi from Malaysia. A true up-cycling treasure. And on top - the production is giving underprivileged women in Malaysia work and meaning.

Made from 100% leftover fabrics, which is from the production of the high-end fashion designer Khoon Hooi, this up-cycling bag is your partner in crime on a night out: It can hold all your evening essentials without stopping you from dancing and having fun! Wear the cocktail bag to an elegant dress or add some chic vibes to your everyday outfit while strolling through the city. Look good, and do good at the same time! Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi encourages people to make meaningful choices with their purchases - to make them count, to make them matter, to make a change.

100% handmade in Malaysia
100% fair trade
Designer: Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi
Materials: 100% leftover fabrics – Taffeta & Thai Silk
Colour: Lavender with Bronze Lining
Size: 35cm x 35cm
Features: Lock with a push button
Sustainable Factors: After covering costs, the collaboration commits 100% of its profits towards paying for IGCSE examinations for students at Fugee School

ABURY re-invests 50% of their profits in social projects such as education through the ABURY Foundation. 


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