• Model wearing Amechá golden grass bangle by she is from the jungle
  •  Amechá golden grass bangle on a palm tree leaf by she is from the jungle
  • Model wearing Amechá golden grass bangle by she is from the jungle

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"Amechá" Bangle Bracelet in Gold




"Amechá" Bangle Bracelet in Gold
by She is from the Jungle

Amechá means fiber bracelet in Tupi Guarani, one of the most popular indigenous languages in Brazil. The Amechá Golden Bangle is made in Brazil from golden grass, a plant with a long gilded golden stem wich is only found in Brazil. Its main characteristic is its natural brightness and golden color, hence its common name "Capim Dourado". The golden grass is strong, durable and flexible enough to be woven into handmade jewellery. It is also very light in weight so that the handmade jewellery made from natural resources looking like gold is virtually weightless. This Bracelet is the perfect handmade jewellery for any occasion. A single piece can transform any outfit! 

100% handmade in Brazil
100% fair trade
Materials: golden grass, made from natural resources
Colours: gold
Size: 6,5 cm or 8,5 cm
Features: 10% of the profit goest to the Street-child Project CAMM


ABURY re-invests 50% of their profits in social projects such as education through the ABURY Foundation. 

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