Andrea moves to Marrakesh to renovate an old Riad
On the site and while working with local craftsmen, Andrea found herself captivated by the immense handicraft heritage of the Moroccan people. However, she also realized how threatened by the fast consumerism this heritage was.


Discovering, collecting and preserving a Berber Treasure
From that immense heritage, the traditional Berber bags and their unique embroidery technique grabbed Andrea’s attention. The idea that this technique could get lost was devastating, so she started to collect vintage pieces she came across.


The Founding of ABURY: First collection in Morocco
Andrea realized that new strategies to preserve the traditional bags were needed and to do so, bringing together the charming appeal of traditional handicraft and a modern design spirit was essential. Andrea created ABURY and based on the three ABURY pillars - innovative design, handmade exclusivity and social impact - the ABURY Berber Collection was born.


Entering the Market: Flagship store in Berlin
Two years later the Berber Collection was officially presented to the market, yet ABURY was lacking the personal contact that enables the story telling. Thus, after long days of scouting for a store, the perfect home for ABURY products was found in Berlin.


And so ABURY launched the second Collection
Our curiosity took us to Ecuador where an artisanal cooperative of women needed support to develop their business with new design perspectives. ABURY launched the second collection.


ABURY Design Experience
In 2015, to leverage the impact and create more international awareness, the ABURY Design Experience was born - the first global contest in search for emerging designers to create an accessory capsule collection using traditional crafts knowledge from different cultures. In the first year we already received applications from 35 nationalities.


After five years at ABURY - living and working in many different countries, with designers from various backgrounds, in craft communities with unique cultural heritage - we encountered many amazing and breath-taking people and stories. Stories that often only stay with the people who pass by chance. So we decided to bring these people, stories and products from far away places from all over the world to you. On our platform to shop, in our new blogzine "One of a Mind" to read!


Moving to Bikini Berlin
In 2018, the ABURY flagship store found a new home in the Bikini Berlin Shopping Mall next to the buzzing Ku'damm in Berlin West. Here ABURY is not only showcasing their own collections, but is offering a variety of products all following the basic principles: Exclusive Design, Handmade Quality and Social Impact.
Hours of education
have been given back to the ABURY communities.


To pay fair salaries is a start, but not enough!
Every time you buy an ABURY product,
you are transforming its hours of production in hours of Education
to the Communities where the product was made.

Learn more about the ABURY Foundation and our projects
for social development in the ABURY communities.


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