"Don’t Overwash – the time has come to break outdated care habits."


90% of our clothes are thrown away long before they need to be, due to fast fashion mindsets and outdated care habits. To change the way we care for our clothes – prolonging their lives and being kinder to the environment – AEG launches the Care Label Project together with partners from the fashion industry, starting with the new care label ‘Don’t Overwash’. Fast fashion has made people forget how to take care of their clothes. Today, 90% of all clothing is discarded far earlier than needed, and as many as 70% of these are due to faded colours, shrinkage and misshaping. This could be prevented with better care habits.
‘Don’t Overwash’ updates old care habits in three main categories; Dry Clean Only, Lower Temperatures and Wash Less. In addition to the new care label, The Care Label Project has created a Modern Care Guide, available on AEG’s website, with up-to-date tips on how to lovingly care for your clothes

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