• Orange Wool Scarf with Fringe
  • Orange Wool Scarf with Fringe
  • Orange Wool Scarf with Fringe
  • Orange Wool Scarf with Fringe


Orange Wool Scarf with Fringe

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- Orange Wool Scarf with Fringe - 
by Fundacion Artesanias de Chile

This timeless wool scarf is handmade by the crafts community Fundacion Artesanias de Chile in Santiago de Chile. It consist of 100% natural alpaca wool, which makes it soft and pleasant to wear, while its timeless design allows it to be the go-to accessory in all winters to come.

Chile has a history of excellent high-quality craftsmanship. Artisans of a small knitting community have put their skills, patience and passion into work, creating our hand-knitted Chilean scarf collection. This collection carries cultural heritage, human touch and a great portion of love, making it 100% unique.

The orange wool scarf combines plain colours and simple design with playful fringes. It is soft and comfortable to wear over a jacket or a sweater. Most of all, it is practical as it is a classic cold-weather shawl that keeps you warm. The colour orange perfectly rounds off your winter outfit: Whether you are wearing a black or a plain coat, with the orange alpaca wool scarf you cannot go wrong. 

- handmade in Chile
- 100% alpaca wool
- length: 30cm x 190cm 

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