Raffia Summer Shoes

Summer is upon us, and we have the latest shoe to make it the most memorable one yet! Ladies, exposed ankles are in, and the most elegant way to show them is with our raffia shoes from Morocco. These gorgeous pieces of footwear are woven from Moroccan palm trees and are one of the most breathable and comfortable shoes you will ever encounter. Raffia shoes are bold and colourful as well as cozy and snug. We have several options in our arsenal, from very open and summery, as embodied by our raffia sandals, to structured and sturdy. If having your toes out in the summer is something that bothers you, fear not! You will not be condemned to sweating buckets all summer long. A simple sundress and a pair of raffia sandals and you will be ready to go!
Do you want to know the best part about these shoes? They can also be worn indoors. Yes, ladies, you will be able to wear your raffia slippers all year around and preserve that summer feel even on the coldest of nights. Their breathability and comfort make our raffia slippers an exceptional indoor shoe. You could kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a pair of raffia slippers.
Step aside, espadrilles. Raffia shoes from Morocco are the new summer staple. Their leather soles add a level of sophistication and comfort that will make you want to wear our Moroccan raffia shoes day in, day out. Available in gorgeous summery tones, our raffia shoes embody sunshine and fresh air. Don't wait any longer, our Moroccan raffia shoes are exactly what you need!
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