País Textil

Cotton Clutch, Cotton Pouch

This brand from Peru makes clutches and pouches out of cotton using a special traditional backstrap loom weaving technique. They are handwoven and ethically made. The País Textil Cotton Pouch is a perfect companion in your daily life. It fits in every bag and can hold all your essentials. With the beautiful tassels in black, white or pink, every pouch is unique and easily recognizable. The País Textil Cotton Clutch adds a little extra spark to your outfit. With the either bright colours or hypnotizing patterns, it makes every outfit special. Using 100% cotton as material with inner lining out of cotton or suede, the clutch is pleasant to wear. Wear the clutch as a crossbody bag for a casual companion that allows you freedom in the hands or hold it as a clutch purse for the elegant evening look - you will look stunning either way. Bohemian chic or black and white coolness, with the handmade cotton clutch by País Textil, you own your look! 

País textil was created in Peru order to market the products the company helped design and create with the artisans. Their main goal is to support the production and business development of the groups of artisans they work with, and get fair prices for their work, but also to recover and foster ancient techniques of textile weaving, such as backstrap loom, and enhance the value of traditional Peruvian handicrafts. País Textil uses first class materials and strives to have contemporary designs, inspired in the textile living culture of Peru. The handwoven and ethically made pouches and clutches are proof that País Textil has achieved their goals.  

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