Leather XL Shopper Bags

Leather Shopper Bag | Leather Weekend Bag

Aren't you desperate for a weekend getaway right about now? We are too, and we have found you the perfect companion: the leather weekender. Handmade in Morocco by artisans, these big shopper bags come in a wide array of colours, from the black shopper to brown, red and saffron. Don't think they are cumbersome or overwhelming; they can perfectly blend into a day at work and swiftly transition into an overnight bag!

These big shopper bags have a slit that makes putting them on top of a suitcase a seamless experience. With its safe and practical closing system, going through airport security with the leather weekender is a walk in the park. The leather weekend bag has become our go-to travel bag for impromptu city-hopping. Its extensible closing system makes the leather shopper bag an all-around boon for your daily activities, from grocery shopping to a night at your man's. Trust us when we say that you will be surprised by how much you can fit inside our leather shopper bag. Have no fear; you won't need to fish essential documents from the bottom of your leather weekend bag. An outer pocket, as well as an inner pocket, provide additional safety and practicality. Do not worry about them losing their shine, our black leather shopper ages tremendously and that worn-in feel will be a living and breathing testament to the miles you have travelled. Start planning your weekends, ladies; the black shopper will make them even more memorable.

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