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Tagua Raindrop Bracelet - Turquoise

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- Tagua Raindrop Bracelet - Turquoise -
by Organic Tagua Jewelry


The Turquoise Organic Tagua Bracelet mimics the enchantment of falling rain drops. This beautiful bracelet is handmade in Ecuador featuring a high quality elastic band comfortably fitting all types of wrists.

Since the bracelets are handmade from natural materials and naturally dyed, they may vary slightly in colour or have little spots on them. But in our opinion, this makes the tagua bracelets even more precious and unique!

- Handmade in Ecuador
- 100% Tagua
- Fits any size wrist
- Uses Organic vegetable dyes

Sustainability Factor:
- locally sourced materials
- traditional craft preservation by incorporating centuries old craft in new and modern ways
- job creation and artisan empowerment by ensuring that the artisan remains a key collaborator in the design process
- All left over Tagua material is used to feed livestock in the village where the jewelry is produced
- Preservation of the Amazon Rainforest

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