• Mykonos Clutch Bag
  • Mykonos Clutch Bag
  • Mykonos Clutch Bag

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Mykonos Clutch Bag

Blue Striped Floral Mykonos Clutch Bag by Akbar Delights

€275.00 €550.00



- Bag Mykonos-
by Akbar Delights

The Bag Mykonos possesses a serene feeling, it will have you transfixed in a matter of moments to the island life of Greece. This beautifully designed clutch is handmade in India, embodying the very essence of loud tropical colours you'll be yearning for during those cool seasons.

- Handmade in India
- 23 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm

Sustainability Factor:
- Locally sourced materials
- Traditional craft preservation

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