• Endito Bracelet by Sidai Designs - Black and White colour jewellery

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Endito Bracelet by Sidai Designs - Black and White




- Endito Bracelet - Black and White -
by Sidai Designs

The Endito Bracelet in Black and White draws inspiration from an emerging group of young Maasai girls who explore the local markets in search of new designs from around the world. This simply stylish bracelet is the perfect gift to match up with a true friend.

- Handmade in Tanzania
- 6.5" Tri- color stranded glass beaded bracelet
- Decorated with a block of 24K gold plated glass beads
- Finished with 14K gold fill closure.

Sustainablity Factors

- Empowering women in Tanzania
- Educating women in the villages
- Preserving traditions
- Fair wages
- The jewelry is created entirely by hand using a combination of ingeniously upcycled products.
- Traditional glass beads are intricately joined using thread salvaged from old grain bags and enhanced with recycled metal beads, old canisters and yoghurt pots to create the boning. Our jewelry is elegantly finished with luxury soft leather, sterling silver and gold plated beads.

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