Tastes of India - Nandan Bhoopalam

Posted on 14 January 2017

Words of Wonder by Nandan Bhoopalam

“Tastes of India is a very very broad concept
it's like the galaxy, every few 100 kms the tastes change
and the same dish is made in very different ways
amongst each community or regions.
My favourite for sure is the food from my region of Deccan Plateau,
food that is spicy and tangy
using lots of chillies, tamarind, peanuts, whole spices.
I’m already salivating.”

Nandan Bhoopalam

Nandan Bhoopalam

Nandan Bhoopalam is a vegan chef and originally from Bangalore, India. He brought the tastes of India to Lisbon, Portugal, where he resides at the moment and works in a vegan restaurant, Princesa do Castelo. He also teaches workshops as well as being an instructor in yoga schools and retreats all over Europe and India. We have spoken to Nandan in an interview about his focus on food that is good for the mind, the body and the soul.

© Photo via Nandan Bhoopalam


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