Vacation with an Indian Artist: Vijay Sharma

Posted on 30 November 2016

At ABURY we believe that “hands tell stories”. The hand-knitted gloves from your grandmother or the painting hanging on your wall that has been done by a friend of yours. A hand-written birthday card, a delicious meal cooked by your partner, or the embroidered evening clutch, which has helped small crafts communities in a remote place revive their crafts tradition and make a living. They all have emotional value and tell you a story about the person that made them. In short - handmade means love - and Indian artist Vijay will show you that everyone can make something handmade. ♥

With the travel experience from VAWAA you get the opportunity to go on an adventure and come back home with a handmade piece of love, having worked with a talented local Indian artist. The impressions and memories you gain when travelling are usually stored yet will fade over time, but what if you could bring back something more tangible that will remind you of your experience again and again?


Street in India

Welcome to Bengaluru

We want to send you to Bengaluru (Bangalore), a cosmopolitain city in the deep Indian South, buzzing with festivities and endless drinking, dining and shopping opportunities. Although it is not overflowing with sights it shows the modern side of India and is popular amongst Indian students and international tourists. Avoid the tourist crowds and spend a week with Indian artist Vijay, who knows the city like the back of his hand and will show you an unforgettable time making your own handmade bamboo bicycle!


Artist of bamboo bicycle

May we introduce Indian artist Vijay

Be sure that you will have an exciting time with this multi-talented creative mind. He has designed and crafted India's very first bamboo bicycle. More than that, Vijay designs furniture and he is a carpenter, too. He is a true Indian artist.

The bamboo bicycles have a cool and unique design - but they do not only look good, they are also safe and have been tested for a 900-km, eight day ride at a challenging mountain bike event proving it’s design and endurance.

Vijay is a pleasure to be around with and he will for sure show you a good time in Bangalore: He's the man for crafting, urban farming and making his own craft beer. It’s always exciting being around him!


bamboo bicycle

bamboo bicycle

bamboo bicycle

bamboo bicycle

bamboo bicycle

bamboo bicycle

Studio Session duration 30 hours over 7 days

USD $800.00 per person


    • Custom frame design to fit your height.


    • Geometry and jig set up.


    • Market visit to choose bamboo tubing specific to your frame.


  • Cutting and shaping bamboo so pieces fit snugly together. 

  • Setting joints with sisal/hemp fibre and resin. 

  • Finishing joints for a streamlined aesthetic. 

  • Pyrography to “tattoo” your bike. (optional) 

  • Assembling bike using your own or sample bike components from the studio. 

  • Taking bike for a day long spin in nearby countryside. 

  • Going home with a beautiful bamboo frame, made with your own hands.

    Does not include airfare, accommodation, local transportation, or meals.

    If you are interested in booking this journey you can send a request on VAWAA here.


    © All photos via VAWAA


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