Vacation with an Indian Artist: Jigisha Unnu

Posted on 13 October 2016

Imagine a beautiful hotel, a resort even. The sun shining everyday, you lying at the pool on the rooftop. If you do not sunbath at the pool you hang out at the bar, you can go to the beach that is just in front of the hotel. Or alternatively you can watch one of the latest hollywood movies in the in-house cinema, enjoy some good old Western food in the hotel restaurant, you have Wifi to chat to your family - it feels just like home.

Hold on... what country are you in? This resort could be anywhere really. Where is the local culture?

...and didn't you decide to take a vacation to be somewhere that is different to home?

We want to send you on another vacation this time: An artistic journey that does not just involve sunbathing and sightseeing. An intellectual vacation that lets you come home and feel inspired. An emotional voyage that goes beyond meeting people - it will connect you with them.

VAWAA is a company that helps you discover and book vacations with local artisans around the world, who are masters of a particular craft and at the same time creative ambassadors of the city they live in. You have the opportunity to spend a few days together with the artist in their studio and learn a new skill - a traditional handicraft that these people are passionate about.

Now, we want to send you on an unforgettable journey with Jigisha in Ahmedabad, India!

Jigisha Unnu

Jigisha is a textile designer who has been making felt rugs and throws for 10 years. She likes exploring the soft, thin and delicate as well as the sculptural and three dimensional characteristics of this material. With a background in fine art and print making, she likes working with natural wool colors and creating tonal variations. Where does she draw her inspiration from? - anywhere from bark cloth to Indian architecture. And loves her coffee.

© All photos via VAWAA

Studio Session duration 30 hours over 6 days

USD $1,200.00 per person


  • Introduction to felting process and felt crafts as practiced in India.
  • Designing custom throws and scarves.
  • Preparation of Merino or fine Lambswool. Wild silk fibres might be used if available.
  • Dyeing using special wool dyes.
  • Carding and mixing of colors.
  • A visit to The Calico Museum of Textile and National Institute of Design.
  • Preparing slivers, die-cut forms and other various forms in wool for inlay.
  • Layering and preparing woolen webs based on design.
  • Finishing your handmade 50” x 84” throw and two 30” x 60” scarves. (Throw can be used to make a felt coat or cushions)
  • Machine finishing
    (Requires additional days. Courier service can be arranged for a fee)
  • A visit to Sarkhej Roja, heritage walk and artisan studio visits in old city of Ahmedabad known for it’s rich textile industry (Additional fee)

Does not include airfare, accommodation, local transportation, or meals.


If you are interested in booking this journey you can send a request on VAWAA here.


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