My ABURY Look: Sustainably Chic Style by Selected Fair Fashion Brands

Posted on 08 August 2018

The fashion industry is known as one of the most competitive industries - fast fashion brands are launching one collection after the other to be the first in setting a trend, manufacturers are pressured, prices are radically cut down and quality becomes of second importance. It is no news that we want to revolutionise this and celebrate slow fashion, fair trade, ethical practices and happy people in the value chain!

In fact, we believe that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. And this does not only mean us working together with you - our readers and customers - but also standing together as as sustainable fashion brands. With a greater vision of treating the people behind our products with respect and eventually changing the fashion world to the better, there is no room for competition. After all, our goal is to make it fashionable to care… together!

Long story short - we teamed up with a bunch of lovely sustainable fashion labels from Berlin to create two sustainably chic summer looks that we don’t want to keep from you:


Sustainably Chic Summer Look #1



sustainably chic summer look

sustainably chic summer look


Sustainably Chic Summer Look #2



sustainably chic summer look

sustainably chic summer look

sustainably chic summer look


Both looks combine accessories and clothing from five different sustainable fashion brands. You might have spotted our beige raffia slippers in the first look and our turquoise leather babouches - both handmade in Morocco - in the second. They are brought together with accessories from:

HIITU is a design project with focus on creativity, sustainability and craft. They offer handmade jewellery, bags & accessories created in fair collaborations with artisans around the world.

The Basket Room is a small, ethical brand working with small craft collectives in Africa to produce beautiful baskets for the home - from planters to bike baskets, laundry baskets to Moses baskets - bike basket.

CRUBA creates finest womenswear essentials with artistic references to built an urban wardrobe. Everything is manufactured in and around Berlin - all clothing.

Maximova Jewelry is an independent jewellery label based in Berlin. Everything is made to order in Germany - fine jewellery.


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