Find Perfect Idyll in Sibiu, Romania

Posted on 12 October 2016

Looking for somewhere close to home – in case you live in Europe – without switching time zones and having to endure exhaustingly long airplane journeys? Look no further than Sibiu, Romania. This Baltic country has managed to remain under the radar considering its scale and what it has on offer, whether you are up for a buzzing city trip or some peaceful R&R, odds are you’ll find it here: from lush mountain views complete with picturesque forts and castles fit for skiing in winter; exciting city breaks to immerse oneself in the medieval heritage and vibrant folk culture; to the accessible Black Sea, where locals flock in the sweltering summer months.

While many might know Romania for the infamous myth about Dracula’s antics in Transylvania (pack your anti-vampire precautions just in case). The young EU member state has achieved a surprising economic recovery after turbulent years of Soviet rule and Ceausescu’s dictatorship. Who would’ve thought that Romania is the worlds’ 9
th largest wine producer or houses the second biggest building after the Pentagon? That’s right. This undiscovered country has plenty of surprises in store.


Romanian Mountain


At ABURY we pride ourselves in discovering places that are not necessarily on a tourist’s to do list. Especially getting in touch with the local way of life and soaking up the essence of the country. The quaint town Sibiu will simply take your breath away! Romania, ranked Forbes’ 8th most idyllic place to live in Europe. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 and voted Europe’s culture capital in 2007. Situated in Transylvania, below the picturesque Făgăraş Mountains measuring a peak of 2500 m. Accessible for skiing in the winter and hiking in summer in search of Dracula’s footsteps at Bran castle. The guarded strategic pass between Wallachia and Transylvania and the castle, Bran mountain, which resembles the perfect setting for a horror movie. Amongst other things the prison of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Count Dracula.


Romanian Transylvania Castle


In case you don’t happen to catch Dracula, the sights in Sibiu won’t disappoint. Sibiu blossomed in the 18th century and became somewhat of the culture pioneer of Romania. Being the first to open a pharmacy, school, hospital and library in the country. Previously belonging to the Habsburg Empire, serving as the seat for Austrian governors in Transylvania. To this day the city’s German mayor embodies the Saxon influence. The city, encased by sturdy walls and famous for its 19 guilds. Each representing a different craft from Carpentry to Pottery, and their towers line the city.



Sibiu Town


Walk through the cobbled streets, to soak up the bohemian and charming feel of the town! Pass baroque squares and the traditional pea-green houses with distinctive eye-lid windows. Take a seat at the central square Piața Mică, a coffee drinking and people watching paradise, like spotting these town folks. Artists such as Franz List and Johan Strauss were inspired by such a place. The musical vain is kept alive by festivals. Ranging from folk, rock to film throughout the year and having its own Philharmonic.

In fact, Sibiu is amongst the best places to taste some traditional Romanian fare. All very hearty and rich: the national dish is
sărmăluţe and mămăligă, meaning stuffed cabbage leaves filled with spiced pork, served with polenta. Alternatively indulge in some sticky sweet street food, which the locals love. 


Street Food Sweets


Finally, finish your night with Romania’s answer to Moonshine, ţuică, a plum brandy that gets liberally poured before every meal- or even after. With or without ţuică, this undiscovered medieval fairytale town will have you enjoying life to its fullest!

© All photos via Malin Jonsson


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