Moroccan Everyday Selflessness - Tahir Shah

Posted on 29 September 2016

Words of Wonder by Tahir Shah



"Oriental culture, of which Morocco is certainly a part, has at its root a belief in selflessness.
It’s a subject rarely spoken of in the West, and even less frequently understood.

To be selfless, you would give charity anonymously, walk softly on the earth, and look out for others—even total strangers—before you look out for yourself. For the Arab mind, the self is an obstacle, an impediment, in humanity’s quest for real progress.

Life in Morocco introduced me time and again to people who had achieved a form of everyday selflessness. It was a quality I respected beyond any other, a goal—perhaps unattainable—I hoped one day to touch.

I found myself wondering if the search for the story in my heart
might be a component, an element somehow linked to selflessness."



Tahir Shah


portrait of tahir shah


Tahir Shah is an author, journalist and film maker recording the abundance of many renown books. Since today he has published fifteen books. Most of all Tahir has gained inspiration for his pieces during journeys through Africa, Asia and the Americas. Today he is living in Morocco.


© Photo via Tahir Shah

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