Fashion and Music Diary: Bangalore

Posted on 12 October 2016

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” It is hard to imagine life without Music and Fashion, it really is. For both of them make life beautiful, fun and easy. “

Music and Fashion in Bangalore. Undeniably the most important elements in our lives.

Talking about Music, what would life without music be like? Um, Colorless, Soulless and dreary? Horrifying to cut it short. After all, in my belief, music enhances a moment of happiness, or could help you release your pain. Or help you relax. And more than anything else, there is no better company than that of Music. I guarantee it. Nothing evokes emotions and memories, like music does. Nothing.

Also, we cannot overlook the fact that Music brings people together. We have all had such personal experiences, be it a random person you met at a club, who was there to listen to and appreciate the same artist/band that you were there for. Or someone you start becoming fond of, because their music taste is very much like yours. A zillion articles and stories on this can be found. There is no denying the existence of the connection that we all share, solely because of Music. All that music teaches you is to love, and leave no space for hatred.

Coming to Fashion. Or let’s say what you use to cover your body with, is something that plays an important role for a first impression in today’s modern world. Just like the kind of music you listen to, your clothes say a lot about you. A personal Fashion style is something that shows what/who you are. Apart from the fact that they make you look presentable, everyone has a personal style that leaves a strong mark. Some are too scared to experiment, some aren’t. Or dressing in a way that is widely accepted, and dressing in a certain manner to get accepted. Some don’t. They wear what their mind and body is comfortable with. Fashion is all about expressing and creating. Precisely like music.

And indeed there is an inevitable relationship between these two vital components. These dependent and correlated elements, in my thinking make life easy and fun. Music is an art and so is Fashion. I cannot express the joy of listening to a beautiful track (the choice very much depending on my mood), or wearing a gorgeous dress (which again very much depends of my state of mind) that fits my body just right.

Talking scientifically, they sort of open the can of hormones in our bodies. Serotonin, Endorphins etc. to be particular, the ones responsible for Happiness and Relaxation and similar emotions. Sharing this indivisible bond, both these segments occupy most of the cultural space of the society. And not only in the modern times, our glorious history has left prominent evidences about how Fashion and Music have evolved over time and how they have always been an inseparable part of us human’s existence.

Personally sharing a very deep bond with both Fashion and Music, my greatest companions since forever, here is a tiny attempt to celebrate the most beautiful gifts that we have. Meeting a few musicians from my city, Bangalore/Bengaluru, I took a look into what their essentials are, and what music and fashion means to them. And got them to answer a few random and not so random questions that I could think of. Music and Fashion Diaries | Bangalore | Part I. Many more people I need to meet with, which by the way might take forever. For there are so many of them who have affected our lives and will continue to do so.


Aniket Vidyadhar
Genre : Experimental

Aniket Vidyadhar

Why Blent?

It took me a while to settle upon a stage name. Blent is past participle / simple past tense of blend. I tend to mix/blend several styles of music, so it definitely fits the bill. Can’t remember the last time someone referred to me by actual name. Which is cool. I quite like my stage name.

Some strange/funny things that have happened with you (or things that you have observed) while you are at Humming?

(One or Two instances)
Oh I played one of my first DJ sets during an Open Mic Night back in the day when I was still finding my feet as a DJ. Everyone in the crowd thought I was playing originals.


What do you think of while you are performing on stage?

I don’t spend a lot of time cuing tracks- I’m pretty fast at that. So most of my time between tracks on stage is spent hunting prey in the crowd.


Favorite Fashion Brand and some recent buy that you are obsessed with?

 As of late, Caterpillar. Flat 50% off. Bought a few tees and a giant hoodie jacket.

What’s your personal fashion style like?

I’m not picky about brands as such, as long as my body can breathe. Let’s just say I’m big boned.


Ketan Bahirat (Guitars)
Ralston D’souza (Drums)
Chaithanya Jade (Guitars)
Paul Dharamraj (Bass)
Started : 2011
Genre : Post-rock


Until We Last

One place where you guys have been waiting to perform at/in?

We’ve always been thinking about conceptual venues to perform at. What if we could perform on the moon? Or in a planetarium. Maybe at the Hubble Space Telescope if we could manage it.

Who in the band is the most Fashion Conscious person? And the one who cares the least about dressing up? And Someone (Or some band) that inspires you guys, Fashion/Style wise?

Everyone’s got their own style and personality and it shows naturally. Nobody spends too much time on dressing but we all wear what we like and we feel comfortable in.

And about the band that inspires us fashion wise, it would be the Beatles. They look comfortable in a 60s sort of way.

If you had to add a female celebrity to the band, who would it be?

Ritu Arya (This is where I, Ritu Arya, claim that the answers have not been fidgeted with, really.)

Do you guys ever look at the girls in the crowd and judge them (on their looks or body language, anything) while you are all performing on the stage? And discuss them later?

Firstly, We can ever see too much off stage. It’s all just blinding lights and silhouettes. Secondly, we’ve got enough to manage in terms of playing and concentration to actually judge anyone. And after the show things get really chaotic and it’s hard enough to get something to eat and pack up our stuff, let alone talk about what the girls in the crowd are wearing.

But it is still cool if a crowd comes dressed up. It works well with theme based events. Maybe we could try something where everyone comes dressed in white and we have projection mapped images playing on the crowd.

What’s your personal fashion style like?

Casual and comfortable stuff. Canvas shoes are the best. Jeans and cotton shirts / tees and sweatshirts for cold weather.



Started : Professionally, 2008
Genre : Deep Progressive and Techno


Current fav track/tracks?

Javier Portilla, Sotela ft Emalaine – Your Eyes (King Unique Remix) &
Odesza – All We Need (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)

Correlation between Music and Fashion, according to you?

The creators behind both fields are dreamers. The world lacks dreamers, they’re the ones that create culture and visions of the future in a current environment. Both creators take time to perfect their message to hopefully stand the test of time.

What do you think of when you are looking at your cats, and they look right back at you?

‘Haha, stupid lazy cats. Useless beings of the universe.’
*Cats look back at me*
‘Fuck, they’re going to kill me in my sleep.’

Funniest thing/compliment from a drunk (or not drunk) fan you met during/after some gig?

Thank you for the great music, Kanye.

What’s your personal fashion style like?

Simple things. A plain (or graphic) tee, or maybe a nice shirt with chinos (or jeans), paired with nice sneakers (or high tops).



Syed Mohd. Altamash
Sumeru Shekhar
Started : In 2010. Active since 2012.
Genre : Experimental. Mostly bass driven.


Some DJing equipment that’s been on your Wish List since a long time?

Wow, well, we hope you were not expecting a small list! Have u checked out Hot hands by Source Audio? That is definitely in the list. And then there is pulse surface controller which turns any surface to a control system, there is Misa Digital Guitar or Ztar by Starr labs, Abelton push, QuNeo, MIDI Fighter 3D. Well , actually this list will never end.

How did music happen?

For a very long time music was very defined for us, then came the electronic music, and that was like a Beast which could not be caged, new definition was given and People went crazy in exploring this vast new realm. Several new genres emerged. We think thats when Music Happened for us, though we remember religiously listening to music all the time even before that.

Who goofs around more during jamming?

Both of us will be pointing fingers at each other for this.

What era of Fashion and Music inspires you guys the most?

Era of Fashion and Music to inspire us the most will definitely be Hip hop.

What’s your personal fashion style like?

Fashion is like Art. It’s the best way to express yourself without even speaking. We believe in comfort, we just do what makes us most comfortable, when it comes to both, Fashion and Music. Also we believe that’s how anyone will be/look their best. “Because when YOU feel your best, everybody else will feel it too.”


Started : 1998
Genre : Heavy Bass


What would you be if not a DJ?

I would have liked to be in the military.

What is Success to you?

Success is to be able to stand the test of time.

Something funny you observe during your gigs, (with the crowd maybe)?

At one of the festivals where i was doing early set, there were about 100 security personnel standing in lines of 3 being briefed right in front of my stage. Basically they were my crowd for a good 20 minutes.

What other planet would you like to go to for a gig, and why?

Umm, I’d have to play in the planet called Utians. Because in that planet music is what sets the pace of their everyday lives.

What’s your personal fashion style like?

T-shirts, Denims, Colorful Footwears.


Ashwin Baburao
Ashrith Baburao
Started: 2010
Genre : House / Techno


Who came up with the name Audio Units? Which one generally takes the final call on important things? Who is more bossy?

The name wasn’t something we put too much thought in it, it just came along. We both tend to take the final call on our individual responsibilities. Ashwin qualifies for the bossy bit (maybe over qualifies).

Any paranormal activity at Beatworx Studios that someone experienced, given that it is inside a hospital? Do you two believe in Paranormal things? Or Magic? If yes then any wish?

Haha! Not that we know of yet. Yes, we wish for all the Synthesizers in the world to magically show up at our studio, now that could be wicked.

What happens at the studio if you guys ain’t giving classes or making music? (Deeper secrets please.)

We’re usually cracking up on Family Guy / South Park and such, or we’re just listening to our music extra loud, sometimes we just pass out here too, it’s home for us.

What of you two is better at flirting?

Ashwin’s the one who is single, so who do you think?

What’s your personal fashion style like?

Lately it’s been rather minimal.



Debjyoti Das
Started : Professionally, 2009
Genre : Drum and Bass / Dubstep


Why so Tiny? Why are you here, what plans for future?

Tiny? Umm. I dont know. I hope this question was about my height. Haha.

I came to Bangalore to study fashion from NIFT, happen to like it here. So here I am, a Fashion Photographer and a DJ. Um, do more bass heavy gigs, share the love and music.

Who would you like to share your decks with? Describe your dream gig?

That’s a tough question, coz there are a lot od DJs I would like, or I would say, love to share the decks with.

My dream gig would be in a basement maybe, like the old school DnB rave venues, with a horde of bass lovers in front of me.

Is there anything you could give up your sleep for? (For some of us know that you won’t move an inch while sleeping even if the house was burning down.)

Haha, well, I love my sleep! But yes of course, I can give up my sleep to DJ all night long for people and friends. Oh yeah, for my girlfriend too.

Bengali OR Gujarati Cuisine, given that you are a Bengali who has been brought up in Gujarat?

Bengali cuisine, any day!

What’s your personal fashion style like?

I do not have a rigid personal fashion style as of now. I like to wear my dirty denims along with a solid colored basic round-neck or a polo T-shirt, and sometimes printed ones. Love my Nike runners.



Started : 1992
Genre : Tribal / Techno / Tech


Huge fan of Power Ballads, are’t you? One track which you could listen to on repeat, everyday, for the rest of your life?

Not easy to pick just one so im going to give you three! Starship – Nothings gonna Stop Us Now, Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide, Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is.

Current Obsession?

I would have to say Casio’s G-Shock line of watches. So stoked that they revived the line! Unlike most other brands, they are constantly putting out new designs and colours! Keeps me on my toes and almost always ensures my wallet remains empty!

Good girls, Bad girls or Mad girls? Describe your pick? And why?

Life is all about striking a balance. Good girls are always good, bad girls are always bad. No real balance in those two options I would stay! Mad girls on the other hand have the perfect blend of good & bad! They have just enough spunk to keep you on your toes and moving forward! My choice without a shadow of doubt!

The biggest Fashion Disaster according to you?

Fashion trends come and go and with it so do the fashion disasters. Currently I would say that the biggest fashion disaster is this alarming trend of “wannabe hipsters”. If it looks like you are trying too hard to be hip then you probably are trying too hard. Fashion should be easy. It should be an extension of who you are and should never look forced or out of place. Blindly following “look books” is not a sure shot way of being trendy. You have to know what will look good on you. More than anything, when you finally decide on what you are going to wear, you need to have the confidence to pull it off.

What’s your personal fashion style like?

I love colours. Dressing easy and comfortable, finding quirky graphic T-shirts with retro prints. I am constantly looking for stuff like that when I travel abroad. Im not really one for brands. For me, its got to look good, fit well and be interesting enough to stay in your mind once you see it. I tend to coordinate my shoes & watch with what im wearing. You want to look like the complete package every time you step out in public, even if you are wearing the simplest of things. You have to look complete. Your clothes must complete you.

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photos via that Photographer with Headphones and Ritu Arya.

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