Love Behind the Walls of Taj Mahal

Posted on 26 December 2016

Taj Mahal speaks of Love. Only Love, and a passionate love story behind it.

Taj Mahal

The Story of Taj Mahal

The great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan made this mausoleum, which holds the tomb of one of his wives, Mumtaj Mahal. She was his favourite one, of course. He met and fell in love with her at the mere age of 14. Then, they got married after 5 years. The mammoth structure is named after Mumtaj, and when translated in English, means ‘Crown Palace’. The exteriors and interiors of Taj Mahal exhibit the finest of the Persian and Mughal architecture that the world has ever seen. The main Mahal took about 20 years to be completed and it took another decade for the other parts of the project. All in all, about 1000 elephants helped carry the materials for the construction that were sourced from all over Indian and Asia. In total, there were 28 types of precious/semi precious stones like Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire etc that were set in the white marble of Taj Mahal.


Taj Mahal


Standing gorgeously on the banks of one of holiest rivers of India, Yamuna, Taj Mahal is surrounded by other mausoleums. These were made for his other wives, a mosque, a garden, and a couple of other structures.


Taj Mahal


There are many other jaw dropping facts and myths about Taj Mahal. In fact, one could probably spend a lifetime studying the details and intricacy, digging the story behind this piece of excellence. However, what strikes the most is the feeling of being there, staring at every carved motif, walking on the steps and thinking of the lovers buried under it.


Taj Mahal

When Taj Mahal Took My Breath Away 

I happened to visit the monument about two years ago and even though many calendars have portrayed the beauty of the monument at their best, there is nothing that can beat the feeling of seeing the fine exquisiteness with your own eyes.

I can promise that it would take the maximum time for you to digest the overwhelming emotions when you first see the splendid Taj Mahal, when you first lay eyes on it, as you enter though the gate. Still today I remember my racing heart beat, yes, I do. The white marble, now dull with a hint of yellow, does not fail to exhibit the grandness of the structure. The feeling isn’t very different from owning a few articles that you’ve had for years and even though they are all old and worn-out, they take you back to certain phases of your life, every time you hold or look at them...


Taj Mahal


So what is love? The greatest emotion of all? Something that holds us all together? Is love to make sure that your loved one is okay? That he or she is doing alright, even if you do not get to be with them? Or is it to spend a lifetime together without any regrets? Is it that smile that you have when you wake up next to your loved one, every morning, for the rest of your life? Is it temporary? Forever? Subjective? Mysterious? Happiness? Pain? Emotional Chaos?

Taj Mahal, a living example of Eternal Love.... And the question came back knocking, what is Love? And how far would you go for your love?

© All Photos via Ritu Arya from RazzleDazzlePickle


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