Conscious travel in India: Leave the Roof of the World Intact

Posted on 28 December 2016

From the mountain ranges of the Himalayas over the tropical jungle and the world famous tea plantations of Assam to a cruise on the Brahmaputra: a trip to India is full of variety. The itineraries from Fairaway are based on sustainable travel and deliberately arranged to preserve the fantastic flora and fauna and millenniums-old culture.


Mountain peaks


Ladakh is breathtaking: the sun glistening above snowy mountain peaks, rushing rivers in the valley, and endless landscape. Here the sky is very high and further away from home each and everyday. The mountain ranges of the Himalaya rise up to 7000 meters in the extreme north of India. A trek tour in the Himalayas is unique; and it shall remain so.




Sustainability is the main focus at Fairaway travel agency. They work closely with local tourism companies, so finances directly benefit the local people. In Ladakh, Himalayan specialist Jan organises the tours, which travellers can also arrange themselves. He has been working with a local partner organisation for 25 years - a consistently sustainable tourism company. The focus here is always the protection of the unique nature and a respectful deal with the Tibetan Buddhist culture and the people of the region.


Tibetan Buddhist culture

Off the beaten tracks as a guest of a Sherpa mountain family

During the trekking trips in Ladakh, local tourist guides explain to travellers what they need to pay particular attention to in order to preserve nature’s habitat. Waste does not lie, in a recycling station the exchange of bottles. Fairaway also advises local partner organisations on ecologically sustainable tourism activities. Following an old trade route to Tibet to the Pangong Tso salt lake and staying overnight with a host family in a traditional village is a particularly intense experience. The direct contact to the people replaces the study of thick travel guide, here one learns up close, what makes the everyday life of the people. The travellers can visit picturesque monasteries and get to know the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Or buy Tibetan artefacts, carpets and jewellery in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, in the shops of the small streets of the city. And then spend the night in cozy family hotels, with locals or in eco-lodges. At the Deskiti Villa in Leh, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the high mountains on the terrace and indulge yourself with a delicious vegetarian dish.


Deskiti Villa in Leh

Sustainable travel in India - Not without a cup of tea

The Assam tea is world-renowned, and economically crucial for the country. Between tea plants on the south bank of the Brahmaputra lies the easternmost city of India, Dibrugarh. From the visit of a tea factory to the visit of a Hindu temple, there are many wonderful tours from here. The wooden bungalows built on stilts are over 150 years old and seamlessly adapt to the environment. An overnight stay of a special kind! Close to the Rumtek monastery, the Teen Taley Eco Resort is a pioneer of ecotourism accommodation in India. In the organic garden, vegetables and medicinal plants, meat and dairy products come from the own plant. The companies recommended by Fairaway work ecologically and socially - and the guests are absolutely received in a  friendly manner.


Teen Taley Eco Resort

Eye-to-eye with snow leopards 

In the Kaziranga National Park live buffaloes, elephants, leopards, rhinos and tigers. In Arunachal Pradesh, for example, there are five hundred species of orchids to admire, rhino birds and even snowleopards. Although, many animals are threatened with extinction a visit to the national parks is unforgettable! And also promoting nature conservation. In addition to nature conservation, Fairaway also focuses on social sustainability. A part of the revenue of each round trip is given  to social projectsI, as well as advice and support of small businesses. Also, in terms of ecological footprint, the travel portal respects sustainable travel. The total CO2 emissions from all travel, flights, accommodation and tours are compensated. Last but not least, with the tips of local travel guides and the authentic experiences, the memories of the trip are particularly sustainable.


Kaziranga National Park


© All photos via Fairaway

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