A Closer Look at the Akbar Delights Mykonos Clutch Bag

Posted on 27 December 2016

The Mykonos Clutch Bag possesses a serene feeling and it will have you transfixed in a matter of moments to the island life of Greece. It's bright colours add sun to day and day. As a matter of fact, the Mykonos Clutch Bag can spice up any outfit. For example, a casual jeans to work or a colourful dress at night. This beautifully designed clutch is handmade in India, while embodying the very essence of loud spirited colours you'll be yearning for during those cool seasons.

All Akbar Delights clutches are entirely handmade from locally sourced materials such as cotton, polyester and beads. All details are added using hand-embroidery. Their materials as well as their beautiful colours and patterns represent the cultural vibrance of the place they are made in: New Delhi in India. Behind every bag is a story not just of the culture but also the artisan that made it. By working with local craftspeople in their workshop in India and gratefully accepting long production times, Akbar Delights strongly engages in crafts preservation and the slow fashion movement.

Find out more about the materials and the design and production process below:


Name of Product: Mykonos Clutch Bag
Product Category: Clutch Bags
Colours: Multicolour
Size: One size

Mykonos Clutch



Material of clutch bag:
fabric in cotton
Material composition: 100%
Origin of material: India

First Material of hand-embroidery: resin beads
Material composition: 100%
Origin of material: India

Second Material of hand-embroidery: plastic beads
Material composition: 100%
Origin of material: India

 Third material of hand-embroidery: cotton threads
Material of composition: 100%
Origin of material: 



Place of design:
New Delhi
Month of design: November 2015
Duration of design: a few weeks
Name of the designer: Yann Dobry

Place of production: New Delhi
Number of artisans: team of several embroiderers, they share the production of one single piece according to the workshop activity
Tools used in production: needles, hooks, scissors, markers, papers

© All photos via Akbar Delights

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