5 Special Accommodations for your Travel in Tanzania

Posted on 02 August 2017

The nature parks are bursting with wild animals. Endless savannahs, a bright blue sea, tropical islands, and friendly and open people. Tanzania has it all. A journey in this East African paradise is unforgettable and can offer a unique travel experience. Here are five tips for special accommodations you should not miss when you travel in Tanzania:


1. Feels like home: The Simba Farm West-Kilimanjaro

The Simba Lodge Farm is located at an altitude of 1700 meters with a beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and the Masai Mountains. The guesthouse was built in 1920 and has retained all its charm. There are only 6 bedrooms and from a cozy living room you can watch the lush countryside. Near the Simba Farm there is a river where many monkeys live. In the late afternoon the owners of the farm will take you to your own safari vehicle, where you can enjoy a spectacular sunset.



2. Led by former street children: Kiboto Lodge


Not far from Arush is the special Kiboto Lodge, consisting of a series of small cottages. The lodge is beautifully situated in the countryside, near a small village. The Lodge is part of the Watato Foundation, run by a Dutch couple and it is run by former street kids, who are now grown up and have a future in the tourism industry. The profits from the Lodge go to the two projects of the Watato Foundation: Child in the Stars and Child in the Sky. You can also visit these projects.



picture of elephants in tanzania


3. In the middle of nature: Camp Green Lake Manyara



Lake Manyara is one of the most beautiful national parks of Tanzania. If you want to enjoy pure nature, you can go to the park itself. There are only two lodgings in Lake Manyara. Green Camp Manyara is one of them. The camp has a beautiful location, right on a river bed and near a waterfall. Birds, monkeys, buffaloes and elephants come here to drink. All these beautiful animals can be seen while you enjoy a cool drink from a safe distance.


picture of zebras running in tanzania


4. Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge and Orphanage


A Dutch couple founded the Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge. After retirement, George and Marise have jointly leased a piece of land with two hills. On one hill they founded an orphanage, and on the other a lodge. With the income of the lodge they finance the orphanage. So by sleeping at the lodge, you automatically support the orphanage. Every day you can visit the house to play football with the kids or help them with their homework. The lodge itself has a nice swimming pool.

children in tanzania

5. Pure relaxation to finish your travel in Tanzania: NUR Beach Resort in Zanzibar

It is an absolute must-see on your tour of Tanzania: Zanzibar. In the coastal town of Jambiani is the small NUR Beach Hotel, which has 10 rooms. Each room has pleasant lounge beds outside the door and a nice pool. You can find the resort very close to the beach, where you can also enjoy delicious salads and tapas. The lodge organises trips to beautiful snorkelling spots and the green heart of the island of Zanzibar.


picture of a ship in zanzibar


Travel in Tanzania: Your individual Trip

If you are looking for inspiring ways to get to know the country and its people better, you can plan an individual trip through Tanzania with Fairaway and one of their local travel experts.

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