A Closer Look at the ABURY Yellow Raffia Shoes

Posted on 06 April 2017

To add a little couture-appeal to your outfit, the Raffia Shoes are an easygoing luxury for the spring and the summer. They suit perfectly for any occasion: Wear them on a sunny day around the city for example, or on a relaxing day at the beach, to a fancy rooftop party, or just at home in your garden. All in all, the handmade shoes are very light and comfortable and give a nice shape to any feet. So, it's time to get rid of your winter boots and let some air in with the Raffia Shoes ensuring eye-catching happy feet!

The shoes are entirely handmade by skilled artisans close to Marrakech in Morocco. The raffia used in the production of the shoes comes from the palm trees in Madagascar and it is naturally dyed using different natural pigments such as indigo or jojoba. Raffia is a material that seems quite stiff in the beginning, but it gets amazingly soft over time and therefore conform to your foot. They will be your everyday companions for the warmer days adding the sunny spirit to your outfit.

Name of Product: Yellow Raffia Summer Shoes
Product category: Shoes
Colours: Yellow
Size: 37 to 41

picture of the yellow raffia shoes



Material of the upper shoe: Natural raffia thread
Material Composition: 100%
Origin of material: Madagascar
Dye ingredients of the Raffia: Natural Pigments
Dye composition: 100% natural
Origin of dye: Morocco

Material of the insole and outer sole: Leather
Material Composition: 100%
Origin of material: Morocco

Material of the bottom lining: Synthetic material 



Place of production: Morocco
Duration of production: 2 days
Number of artisans involved in production: 4-5
Tools used in production: dye drums, razor cutters, scissors, glue, raffia thread, synthetic or cotton depending on design, needles, metal weights, pencils, wooden hammers
Production company: Crystal Green Consultants and Atelier

© All photos via ABURY

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  • lisbeth schotte: May 23, 2020


    I’m very delighted by your raffia shoes, really love them. I was wondering if the size is true to size? Or should I take one size less? As the rafia sets to the feet?


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