ABURY meets speaker and food expert Pinky Lilani

Posted on 27 November 2016

Pinky Lilani is a an author, motivational speaker, food expert and an inspiration to all women.  Presently she stands as the Founder and Chairman of the Women of the Future Ambassadors Program, which is a unique initiative that positions women ambassadors as mentors, connecting them with students, thus strengthening the pipeline of talent among Britain’s younger women. We are excited to share some of Pinky Lilani's inspiring words with you.


Start by tagging yourself with three words.

Warm, Passionate, Extrovert

We believe that “hands tell stories“. What do your hands tell about you?

I did not realise how nobbly my hands looked till someone took a picture of me wearing my rings! I don't think my hands look as if i do too much of hard work! Hard to be objective though!

You wear many hats - one is being an amazing food expert and acclaimed author of cook books. What is the last thing you created with your hands that was not related to cooking?

Indoor plant arrangements and a needle point picture with sunflowers

If you could choose, what would you like to be able to do with your hands?

I would love to be able to play the piano.

Pinky Lilani, you are the founder of the "Women of the Future Awards" as well as the "Asian Women Achievement Awards". What does women empowerment mean to you?

It means the women can do what they love, be themselves and have no barriers to success.

“One of a mind” underlines our strong belief in equality and the value of sharing. How does intercultural exchange benefit our global society in your eyes?

We learn so much from others. Each culture has such a different story, these stories help us to see things with new eyes.‘ life is not about discovering new lands, but seeing it with new eyes‘ Fresh perspectives are vital to our journey.

You live in the UK since 1978. Are you going to India regularly? What makes India special for you?

I love the warmth of the people, their incredible hospitality and the vibrant celebration of life from festivals to weddings. India operates on so many different levels, huge variances in income, education and opportunities but the spirit every where is one of curiosity and kindness..

Back to the food - how would you describe the “Tastes of India” and what is your favourite?

I love the cuisine of south India – dosas and upma are my favourite but love the old Mughal cuisine especially Biryani (made with lamb and saffron ) and Shahi Tukra ( dessert made with bread and cream ). We had the most amazing chef when i was growing up in Calcutta and he spoilt us forever with endless delicious creations

You have written the book „Coriander makes the difference“ (which I love by the way). Now explain to us why coriander is so special to you please.

I often try of simplify life by choosing one ingredient or quality that can make a difference – with food you can transform a mediocre dish to make it special by adding freshly chopped coriander – it is a life saver. With life the the ingredient i think can be transformative is kindness.

Finally talking about a woman’s wardrobe. We are curious - how you describe your style? How do you combine local and global aspects in your wardrobe?

I think I had more of a defined style in my 30’s – my high heel shoes and handbags were paramount together with short skirts. Alas age is not kind  and the high heels are not that high anymore and the skirts are not that short! I miss that!  I buy a lot of my summer wear in India where i love the prints and cool cottons which are often combined with embroidery. For work i  wear a Canadian designer who has a style that suits my body shape.


© Photo via Pinky Lilani
Author: Andrea Bury

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