ABURY meets designer Fiona Paxton

Posted on 04 October 2016

Fiona Paxton has been in the fashion business for a long time. In our search of amazing brands that work with crafts, we accidentally stumbled over Fiona Paxton’s amazing jewellery. You have to dive deep to find out that she is actually producing everything in India with partners that she has long relationships with. She visits them twice a year to work with them on her new collections and also to keep the human touch. Every piece is entirely handmade. And it is not just the products we fell in love with, but the visionary woman behind it - get to know Fiona Paxton:


picture of fiona paxton



Start by tagging yourself with three words.

Creative, imaginative and a problem solver


When one of our designers returned from Ecuador she said: “The most rewarding moment was, when I saw the pride in the eyes of the artisans.“ What is the one thing you are proudest of?

Seeing our pieces stocked in Liberty in London was a milestone in our business.


What is the best thing about sharing for you?

Bringing happiness and light to others

Your first association with "touching"– physical or emotional?

My children

"Hands tell stories." - What do your hands tell about you?

Oh, that I use my hands to make things all of the time- I am always embarrassed when i go for a manicure!

What is the last thing you created with your hands?

Our feather earrings have been very popular this season so I have been making alot of those today. I have also been experimenting with different kinds of tassel making ready for next season.

What can you do with your hands that nobody else can do?

I actually do not consider myself to be that crafty or practical. There are so many amazing makers around me that I always feel there is someone more talented than me that can make things better than me. My strength is designing,drawing and working out how to make things.

If you could choose, what would you like to be able to do with your hands?

I would like to learn to make macrame - I love the intricate patterns you can create and the gorgeous textured strings and ropes you can use.

How did you get in touch with the culture of India?

I had travelled to India on a scholarship I won whilst studying for my degree in textile design when I was 20.I had always loved Indian textiles. I spent a month travelling around India and stayed with some Indian families who owned textile factories. It was amazing and the love affair with India began there. The owner of the unit I work with now jokes that I have travelled more of India than he has!

What differentiates India from other cultures?

The riot of colour and pattern is other worldly compared to the UK. I have to cocoon myself a little when I go to the factory so I don’t get swept along in the exuberance of colour.

We are delighted to add some of your products to our selection. Which of these products is your favourite and why?

Gia is my favourite is a signature piece that forms the basis of the Fiona Paxton brand. It is a lovely fusion of traditional technique with modern patterning.


picture of the designer fiona paxton

© All photos via Fiona Paxton


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