ABURY meets designer Emiliya Ivanova

Posted on 12 June 2016

Emiliya Ivanova is an artist. And a dreamer. A designer. A story teller. A naturalist. A spiritualist. A believer…

At the age of eighteen she was in her final studies at a prominent Business English Language School in Sofia. Although she was the best student in Economics, she decided to leave a bright future for what she has always kept deep in her heart – art. With almost no fashion knowledge and a bunch of hand drawn sketches in the portfolio Emiliya Ivanova got accepted to a BA Fashion course at Coventry University. Here, her artistic life began. If she had been a blank canvas then, now she's a picturesque painting turning into a masterpiece. In fact, Emiliya managed to develop advanced skills in drawing, graphic design, print designing, 3D thinking, toiling, manufacturing, photography and product design in six years time.

Seeking comfort, atelier touch and personal interaction, she worked for brands such as Prose, Minoar, Paula Janz and finally ABURY. In these environments she perfected her industrial and personal abilities. And so, Emiliya transformed into a professional.


picture of artisans in romania



Emiliya Ivanova, what does it mean to you to be a selected designer at ABURY?


It is such an honour to be part of ABURY’s family. Andrea is an extraordinary person who has a great creative power and moving the project together was a smooth process. ABURY is the right place for me as I truly belief in all of its causes. Ecuador, Morocco, Romania may not have the power of money but they possess cultural and human strength that keeps their spirits high. Overall, ABURY is a project that gives hope and helps people cross their cultures through its creative products. For me the whole experience is life changing!



Tell us about how it was to work with the communities? 


As I am Bulgarian being in Transylvania felt as I am almost at home. Meeting the local people was an emotional and very inspiring moment. Craftsmanship is not dead in this parts of the world – it is a heritage that is passed forward in the family. Tradition and preserving the culture means everything to the people and that is admiring. Globalization is knocking at the door but it is such a bravery to stay true to your beliefs and cultural habits!


picture of an artisan confectioning a piece with leather


What inspired you to design your collection? 


The whole trip we took with ABURY to Shighisoara, Malancrav and Viscri is still in front of my eyes. Meeting the artisans and understanding how they create their designs was so precious for me. Every symbol and figure means something and represents the region of the artisan. Sleeping in the traditional environment of Viscri and observing the atelier and crafts of each artisan was all I needed to be inspired.



Here you can take a closer look at one of the chairs Emiliya has designed, including detailed information on its design and its materials.


© All photos via ABURY


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