ABURY meets Designer Artsi Ifrach

Posted on 18 May 2017

Artsi Ifrach is an Israeli and Moroccan designer and the head of his company ART/C. He grew up in Jerusalem before he travelled the world and got caught in the heart of old Morocco: the red city, Marrakech. Artsi's designs are not just beautiful and always with a twist of extravagancy, but he also creates everything from vintage fabrics and raw materials. As much as he combines different cultural influences from the Berbers and different African traditions to Western influences, he also fuses materials that have own, seemingly opposing features, but together create new, one of a kind art pieces.

We are in love with Artsi's designs and his motivation. In fact, creating something unique that meets contemporary design mixed with traditions from the past is just what we at ABURY stand for. Because of that we also love our new dust bags, which Artsi designed. They are handmade by Medina women in Morocco from recycled flour bags. Of course, the women are fairly paid and they embroider the bags with colours and designs they like best. Each bag is 100% unique and tells a little story about Morocco and about their maker.


picture of the hand embroided dust bags© Photo by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY


We took the opportunity and interviewed Artsi Ifrach as one of our Handmade Heroes:


Artsi Ifrach, start by tagging yourself with three words.

Creativity, passion and sensitive.


We believe that “hands tell stories“. What do your hands tell about you?

My hands show my life line, full of hard work and effort to arrive where I am, doing what I want, creating.


As a designer you work a lot with your hands. Apart from fashion, what is the last thing you created with your hands?

I like cooking very much.


If you could choose, what would you like to be able to do with your hands?

I would love to became a great painter, my head is full of ideas that need to be on paper.


Looking back on everything you’ve done in your life - What is the one thing you are proudest of?

Becoming the person I am.


picture of artsi in his shop© Photo via Artsi Ifrach



“One of a mind” underlines our strong belief in equality and the value of sharing. How does intercultural exchange benefit our global society in your eyes?

By sharing we create a strong community, exchanging ideas and creating a strong value between human beings.


You are an Israeli and Moroccan designer living in Marrakech. What differentiates Morocco from other countries? What does it have that no other culture has?

Strong value of culture, artisans and a place with strong energy for creativity.


We see a strong connection between culture and fashion. How is Morocco visible in your designs?

By the colours, by the happiness and the mixing textures and fabrics that are in my Moroccan DNA.


You are also the designer behind our recycled dust bags. If these bags could speak, what would they say to their new owner?

They can say to the new owner "I am a bag done by a person like you, a bag of a mind of a human being."


picture of the upcycled dust bags© Photo by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY


At last, talking about other senses - how would you describe the “Tastes of Morocco” and what is your favourite?

My favourite thing in Morocco is the mind of the people, the colourful universe and the way they travel with that. Nevertheless, I love also Friday couscous.


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