The ABURY iPad Leather Case Story: A Berber Masterpiece

Posted on 20 May 2014

Touched by the magical hands of a master craftsman in a Moroccan Berber community, every ABURY iPad Leather Case undergoes a long process of dedication, artistry and passion. This process does not only promise a range of unique pieces that are handmade in Morocco, but it also gives our iPad cases the historical touch that allows you to carry around a true Berber story. And the story goes…


The Start: Giving the iPad Leather Case Colours and Design

The iPad case story begins with the choice of the right colour. This includes the colour of the fine leather and the cactus thread that makes for the embroidery. Before working with the materials, the first phase entails the drawing of circles, flourishes and artistic forms that shape the pattern. To do this, the artisan draws the design of the iPad case on a thick paper, which is usually some leftover from boxes used as packaging for industrial objects.

making of an ipad case by moroccan artisan

The iPad Leather Case is Taking Shape

Then, every line of the drawing is covered with glue and ornamented with thick yarn. This transforms the original drawing into an embossed pattern. Simultaneously, the artisan cuts the fine leather into the right shape to make all pieces ready to be beautified.

embroidering an ipad case by moroccan craftsman

Preparations for the Final Round

The third phase sounds the bell for a process of extraordinary diligence. The embossed patterns are pressed onto the leather. In this way the pattern is transported onto the soon-to-be iPad Leather Case. With the right skills and accuracy, the pattern looks just like the drawing.


The Finishing Touch: The Embroidery

Stitch by stitch and pattern by pattern, the iPad case is taking shape. In this phase the artisan places the leather piece in what looks like giant wooden tweezers, which he holds up with his legs. With a thick metal needle and the sabra silk yarn he starts a magical dance with his hands. In fact, they dance from one side to the other, following the lines of the embossed patterns. Finally, the combination of high diligence, the right artistic skills and endless patience makes the unique design of the iPad Leather Case complete. It is the small differences in each embroidery that make every piece unique and give it the value of a piece that is truly handmade in Morocco.


picture of the berber leather ipad case in pink

While this process takes around one day of work, another day is required to assemble the different pieces of leather to a whole. With the power of his hands, the artisan sews the different pieces together. Thereby he uses the same wooden tweezers, the thick metal needle, sabra silk yarn and his ancient knowledge.

The result is a case that unites ancient art and 21st century chic, and at the same time supports fair trade production. Every case opens just like a book, eager to let you read its story…

© All photos via ABURY


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