A closer Look at the ABURY Rabbia Tote Bag

Posted on 29 April 2017

The Rabbia Tote Bag is the little sister of the Rabbia Shopper Tote - she is smaller in size, but she has a mystic charm with the same warm elegance and functionality.

This bag was designed and produced by Adam French, a Canadian designer. After he had won the second edition of the ABURY Design Experience, he lived and worked in Marrakech for two months. During this time he brought his collection Windows & Doorways to life in collaboration with local craftsmen and by using the cultural influences and inspirations that surrounded him in Morocco. The Rabbia Shopper Tote is one of the five handmade pieces that belong to this collection.

Business or leisure? No question anymore. In fact, the Rabbia Tote Bag is big enough to keep your laptop easily, and so this tote bag is an elegant companion through your days and evenings. Also, you can close it with a top zipper and so everything stays safe wherever you go.

The interior lining yields another great surprise. It is made out of Moroccan Sabra silk, which is made from the Agave cactus growing in the Moroccan desert. This makes it one of the very few kinds of vegan silk. As well as that, the interior offers two more open pockets and a zipped compartment to keep your small stuff organised. The look is complemented with two colour-matching tassels. In addition, these can also be clipped to your keys.

Name of Product: Rabbia Camel Leather Tote Bag
Collection: Windows & Doorways
Colours: Camel and Cream
Size: 28.5cm x 20cm

ABURY Rabbia Tote Bag in Camel & Cream


Main Material of Clutch: Goat leather
Material Composition: 100% goat leather
Origin of material: Marrakech, Morocco
Leather tanning process: Chrome tanned
Dye ingredients: spirit based dyes
Origin of dye ingredients: Morocco

Material of Lining: 'Sabra' cactus silk
Material Composition: 100% agave cactus
Origin of material: Marrakech, Morocco

Button: Brass / nickel
Origin of material: China

Material of Zipper: Brass / nickel & canvas tape
Origin of material: China


Place of design: Marrakech, Morocco
Year/Month of design: September, 2016
Duration of design: 1 month
Name of designer: Adam French a.k.a Adan Ballou

Place of production: Marrakech, Morocco
Duration of production: 12 hours
Number of artisans involved in production: 2
Names of artisans involved in production: Miloud Maknoun & Nabil Benour
Tools used in production:
Standard leather craft tools:
Scissors, knives, hole punches & mallets
Walking foot sewing machines

picture of the cuts of doors© Photo via Adam French

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