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    ABURY Red Marrakech Women's Backpack - Free People Collection


    The ABURY Red Marrakech Women's Backpack is perfect for those who want to store their everyday essentials and be flexible by having their hands free. Backpacks are a great solution for busy and active men and women, who need to rush from one meeting to another - or for those, who need a bag safely storing their belongings on a short business- or leasure weekend trip that requires hand luggage rather than a big suitcase.

    Information on the ABURY Red Marrakech Women's Backpack:

    - Handmade in Morocco
    - Design: Mayta Lara Leal
    - Finest goat leather
    - Color: Red Marrakech
    - 100% natural cotton linen interior
    - Closing system that adapts to 2 different sizes of volume:
    28 x 40 x 7 cm having the possibility to change to 28 x 48 x 7 cm
    - Top handle
    - Adjustable straps
    - Wooden pom pom with leather strips that can also be used as a last minute keychain 

    14 hours of passionate work by skilled artisan hands make this ABURY Red Marrakech Women's Backpack uniquely yours. We give this time back in hours of education to the local community.

    More information:

    ABURY leather bags are meticulously handcrafted by master craftsmen using premium materials. Because our leather is naturally tanned, the original color and coating can be slightly different than what we present. This is also what makes our products so unique and exclusive - each of them are made with all the love for detail just for you. To maintain their original quality, we recommend keeping all leather goods away from sources of heat and caring for these items regularly.

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